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Aoyama International Education Institute Japanese Center Graduate School Classes

Students will learn how to write research proposals and prepare for the entrance examinations. They will also learn how to collect data and write reports. This skill is necessary for students who plan to enter a graduate school in Japan!

Students can meet with foreign students from other schools. They can also take part in school events and Elective Lessons.

Students will get all necessary guidance for their entrance examinations!



Lessons Contents



Information Please read information concerning graduate school.
Japanese Language reading essays、learning difficult Chinese characters to reach the level of Japanese university students.
Reading practice to read long sentences and technical literature.
Description learn difficult vocabulary in order to write essays and reports.
Dialogue Practice dialogue in order to talk about technical materials with research advisor.
Others Practice tests of the previous years. Individual guidance.





Can you enter the graduate school class at any time?

You can only enter graduate school class in April or July because of the timing of the entrance examinations for graduate school in Japan. There are many examinations in autumn so it's best to enter graduate school class in April.

I want to enter graduate school for design 、Do you have any special design classes?

The graduate school class is class for students who wish to enter graduate school. There are not any classes only for design. You will learn the material necessary to enter any graduate school in Japan.

I don't know what graduate school I should enter.

Recently students find a lot of information on Internet and don't know what school to go to. You should choose a graduate school that is best for your future. Don't worry, you will definitely find a graduate school.


Thoughts from a Participant of the Graduate School Class

  • Shen Ao (China)
    I learned a lot in graduate school class. At first we learned how to write a research proposal and the statement of purpose then did some practices in presentation and essay. Especially thanks to the individual guidance, the language and the logic in my reach proposal becomes perfect, it was very helpful. There were also many presentation practices about news and profession fields. I was a very fulfilling year in graduate school class.
  • Zhu Di (China)
    I learned a lot about essay writing and presentation in graduate school class. I think my writing skill and presentation skill have been greatly improved. I will carry on working hard to study and do research in graduate school. And in the future I want to work as a Japanese teacher.