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Cram School Support

Cram School Seminars

This is for students who want to enter Japanese universities and need to pass the entrance examinations for their desired school. In the class, special seminars are held and there is a lot of useful information about the universities in Japan.

・Japanese universities outlines, entrance examinations rules.
・University admission, examination trends and changes.
・Explanation for examination for Japanese university admissions (EJU)
・Explanations for entrance examinations (literature and sciences)
・Information about applications for University

Advice from previously graduated students from our school

You have the opportunity to listen to the advice of students who successfully entered universities. During the seminar, you can also you can ask questions in advice corner.


Advice About Continuing Your Education in Japan

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your class teacher or other teachers in the office of the school. Our teachers will check your essays and make appropriate corrections.

Mockup Interview

It is possible to practice a mockup interview for the interview for university's admission's examinations.

A system of admitting students into colleges upon the recommendations

2011 Results


EJU・Entrance exam Preparation Course

For students who want to study subjects the Examination for Japanese University admission (EJU), our school provides other study material for entrance examinations.
Please refer to this link for more detailed information.

EJU・Entrance exam Preparation Course Curriculum

2010 Entrance Examination Results

Enroll for EJU・Entrance exam Preparation Course

EnglishComprehensive SubjectsMathematicsScienceJapanese Language


TOEFL test
Students can practice Listening・Writing・Reading・Speaking. iBT50 points are needed for your university application. We will start with material that is easy for you and continue to build your English skills. Examination in English University Admission English Tests are compulsory fore Waseda University, Meiji University, and Chou University etc. For this examination, students will study grammar, sentence structure, detailed reading material, essay stricture, and conversation. Before you take the entrance examination at your school of choice we will practice the previous year's tests.

English Entrance Examination
In order to pass the university's entrance examination, we will study the material used in Japan's high schools: vocabulary and grammar. This class is recommended for students who are having difficulties with English and want to practice and improve their English before taking the entrance examination.

Comprehensive Subjects

Comprehensive Subjects
In order to pass the Examination for Japanese University Admission Rest(EJU),students will practice the previous year's tests. Your teacher will go over and explain the answers for each problem.

Comprehensive Subject's Entrance Examination.
What do you know about Japan? What kind of relations does Japan have with other countries? These are the kind of things you will study. Not only just the necessary vocabulary, but you will get to know many interesting facts about Japanese society.


Mathematics are required if you want to study social science or management commercial system.
① Students will study and practice for the Examination for Japanese University a Admission Test(EJU). Your teacher will go over and explain the answers for each problem.

Mathematics Ⅱ
We help students who want to enter a science department at university and need to pass Examination for Japanese University Admission Test.
Examination for Japanese University admission test(EJU)Mathematics②。Students practice mathematical problems.

Social Science and Mathematics Entrance ExaminationsJanuary~March
Students will study the material used in Japanese high schools and review basic mathematical formulas.
Japanese mathematics I is a class for learning how to write test answers in Japanese.



Students who wish to enter a Science department practice the previous year's problems from the Examination for Japanese University Admission Test(EJU). After the student has finished the (EJU) test, students will concentrate on material for their entrance examinations.

Japanese Language

Japanese language entrance examination 
Starting in April, the graduate school classes will concentrate on University admission. They will study Japanese reading and listening for the Japanese University admission test(EJU) held in June.

Japanese for Entrance exam (EJU)
This lesson is for those who didn’t get a good score on EJU last June, who just started studying EJU and who have never take the EJU before. You will practice to solve the problems on time. Also, you can learn how to write the writing test of EJU from the beginning.


Japanese for Entrance exam (short essay)
This lesson is for those who are aiming national and top-ranking private universities. If you think you can deal with the writing test of EJU somehow, and you want to start studying Japanese for short essay, you can learn it according to trend of the schools of choices and the desired courses of studies.


Course schedule 

*It is impossible for you to cancel the enrollment after applying lessons.
*The total lesson times and time will be set based on the schedule.
*It is impossible for you to take a lesson for certain amount of times by your decision.
*The fees paid can not be refunded even if you do not attend the lessons.
*Textbook and material fees are not included.
*Mentioned fees above are standard fee when those are opened with 3 or more students.
It is possible to open a lesson with less than 2 students. Please contact our teachers.


Entrance Examination Results


Examination Results

Japanese University Admission Test(EJU)Results

≪Please have a look at this link for further information of EJU≫

 December 13th 2011 University Admission Test (Second Round)

▼Average Score

▼High Score

   Our school has recorded the highest score 368 points in Japanese