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Aoyama International Education Institute Japanese Center Meeting with Japanese

Some of the students say that they barely can meet and be friends with Japanese people. So we are holding various cultural exchange events to meet your needs. Why don’t you join the cultural exchanges and practice Japanese language by communicating with Japanese people?

※If you’re interested in cultural exchange with foreign students, please contact us

Cultural exchange with IVUSA

We are regularly holding cultural exchanges with IVUSA - International Volunteer University Student Association, in which university students are playing a key role. Sometimes they just talk to each other, sometimes they play games, and sometimes they learn about Japanese traditional culture so you won’t regret for it. They, members of IVUSA, are attending our speech contest every year as a panel of judges.

Oshaberi Room

Every month, we are holding a meeting - ‘Oshaberi Room’, which you can talk with Japanese volunteers. As there’s no mission with this meeting, you can talk whatever you want to. Not only they are coming to our school, but you can walk around Aoyama or visit their Universities.


Meeting with jingomae elementary school students

Sometimes, our students go to the JINGUMAE elementary school to attend the 6th graders’ lesson as an exchange event. No matter of the age gap and nationalities, we learn each others’ culture, make presentations and have school lunch together.

日本人交流会 日本人交流会 日本人交流会

Cultural exchange among Japanese, Chinese and Korean center

We are holding cultural exchange events with students of Chinese and Korean language center of our institute. People learning each other’s languages are gathering in a place and making good friends with each other by exchanging their culture and cooking their traditional food.