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Aoyama International Education Institute Japanese Center Regular Classes

Students with an elementary level to advanced level of Japanese will have fun studying the Japanese language.

Based on the results of the schools admission test, our students are divided into different classes. Please do not worry. You will be placed a class that prefect for your Japanese level.

Every class has their own homeroom teacher you have the opportunity to get to know your homeroom teacher very well.

Each homeroom teacher has excellent experience teaching Japanese and uses Japanese that is easy to understand.
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Students also can study and learn about Japanese culture, life in Japan and Japanese way of thinking.
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Students practicing for Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT)



Level and purposes

Level and purposes

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Thoughts from Previous Graduates

Please read interviews of previously gradated students and their thoughts about the school on this page
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If you have any questions about life in Japan, please do not hesitate to ask your homeroom teacher. They will be glad to help you.

There are various kinds of classes besides the General Japanese Class.

Those who want to enter Universities
Cram School Classes

Those who want to go to graduate schools
Graduate School Classes

Those who want to take private lessons
Private Lessons

Those who want to parley their Japanese skills into their careerBusiness Classes