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Aoyama International Education Institute Japanese Center Cram School Classes

To provide a radical measure of examination for university.

To enter top national, public and private institutions.

To build up students who can get good grades at the university and who can play an active part in the world.



Schedule of going on to school



Cram School Examination Results

This is a list of Universities that the Cram School students entered since the year 2000.


Pre-Cram School Classes

The Pre-Cram school classes are for those who wish to enter the Cram School Classes. This class was created for students who want to enter Japanese universities.



What can I learn in the class?

Mainly, you will learn Japanese language. To write the short essay - writing test of EJU, you will also learn knowledge of the society such as economy, politics and history, which likely to be taken for the subject ‘Japan and the World’. In case of English, mathematics and other subjects, you need to take optional class for EJU.
⇒EJU・Entrance exam Preparation Course

I want to quit the school on December, after taking the entering examination of the university I want to go.

At the cram school class, the goal is not only to build up students who can get good grades at the university, but who can play an active part in the world, which means students need to keep on studying in the class until March. If you want to quit on December, we recommend you to study in a regular class. We support students in regular classes to enter upon studies.
⇒Cram School Guide

I worry that I can not keep up with the class because the lesson is too hard for me.

It could be hard to keep with the class. The class is for those students who want to get good scores on the EJU so the curriculum is mainly reading and writing short essays, which means not so easy to keep up with. However, there were several graduates whose Japanese level were around JLPT N2 level when they start studying in the class on April, and had passed top institutions. We are supporting students based on our accumulation of experience and data. There’s noting to worry about if you have a strong will to study hard!!